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Xpress XP-10725 Long Travel Aluminum Short Shock Body 2pcs

Replacement long travel shock bodies for the Execute XQ10F. It is also a direct upgrade for the XQ2S stock shock body.

If use as replacement of the out of box short shock from the XQ10 and FM1S, the droop length with less downstop will be increase by approx. 1mm, while the overall length remain the same; yet with the same ride height and downstop setting the shock travel will not increase.

So it is recommended to use Long Travel Short Shock Grey Composite Shock Parts #XP-10724 together with this parts. After the modification, the shock length can be remain but the shock travel will be increase about 1mm.

**Note: When use to upgrade with XQ1, XQ1S, XM1, XM1S, FT1, FT1S, need to purchase other parts for short shocks according to the chassis.


  • For: Xpress Execute XQ2S XQ10F
  • For: Xpress Execute XQ10 with Long Travel Short Shock Grey Composite Shock Parts #XP-10724
  • For: Xpress Execute Series Tourings and M-chassis with extra parts.
  • Material: Aluminum
  • Color: Black


  • Long Travel Short Shock Body (2 pcs)

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