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Fyrrework 6500mah back in stock. New arrivals from Mon-tech and Vigor!
XRAY T4'21 T4'20 parts

XRAY T4'21 + T4'20

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Xpress XP-20016 Aluminium 4.25mm Wheel Hex Hub for XQ1 Xray T4


Xpress XP-10921 Titanium Spool Outdrive Adapter 4mm for XQ10 XQ2S (2pcs)


Xpress XP-10892 Aluminium 7075 Height Adjustable Servo Horn 25T


Xpress XP-10891 Aluminium 7075 Height Adjustable Servo Horn 23T


Xpress XP-10712 Bando Kevlar 351mm x 4mm wide Drive Belt for XQ10


Xpress XP-10671 Titanium Spool Outdrive Adapter 3.5mm for XQ10 Xray T4 (2pcs)

$52.95   $49.95

Xpress XP-10167 XQ1 Steel Universal Shaft Rear 2 pcs


Xpress XP-10022 Gear Differential Set for XQ1 Xray T4


X-Square XP-20026 Stainless Steel 95x33mm 23g Battery Weight


X-Square XP-20018 Spring Steel Double Joint Driveshaft for Xpress XQ10 XRAY T4

$77.95   $69.95

X-Square X2-0032 Carbon Fiber ESC Capacitor Mount for 30x30 Fan


Vigor TH247 Front Body Post Set (4 pcs)


Vigor TH169 Body Post Set for Xray X4 and T4


Vigor TH160 13g Tungsten LCG Balance Weight for Xray T4 Series


Vigor TH152 Carbon Fiber Bumper Upper Brace For Xray T4-2020

$16.95   $14.95

Vigor TH151 Carbon Fiber Slim Pack Battery Holder For Xray T4

$16.50   $14.95

Vigor TH144 Aluminium Upper Deck Stiffener for Xray T4-2020

$10.95   $7.95

Vigor TH142 Carbon Fiber Rear Shock Tower (Lower) For XRAY T4 20-21


Vigor TH141 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower (Lower) For XRAY T4 20-21


Vigor TH139 Carbon Fiber Front Shock Tower For XRAY T4 20-21


Vigor TH137 Brass Rear Chassis Braces 15g for Xray T4-2020

$28.50   $22.95

Vigor TH136 7075 Aluminum Rear Chassis Braces for Xray T4-2020

$24.95   $19.95

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