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SMOKEM 24003 2.0mm MYD Carbon Fiber Top Deck for XRAY T4 2020

Following the release of the MYD top deck for the ARC R11 MID comes a design to suit the XRAY T4 2020. The MYD top deck has undergone extensive development since September 2019.

Since that time, a number of designs and prototypes were evaluated over a range of conditions by the Smokem racing team.

In the end, Smokem settled on a design that features a narrow 9mm front section which we found to deliver balanced flex characteristics despite the asymmetric design.

The result is improved traction, increased in-corner steering and corner speed. The MYD design ensures the top deck will never make contact with the motor as the chassis flexes, with clearance for large-pinioned spec class gearing.

The MYD top deck can also be easily removed, making spur gear and belt changes a breeze.

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