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SMOKEM 19023 2.25mm RS Chassis for ARC R12

The "RS" designation is synonomous in the world of high performance cars and motorsport - which is why we have named our newest chassis the "RS".

First and foremost, the RS chassis offers Reduced Scrub compared to the factory ARC R12 chassis. We achieved this by removing the holes for the short suspension arm mounts that are never used on the R12. By not catering for these mounts, we set about removing excess material from the profile, all without compromising on the flex characteristics of the chassis design. Reducing scrub allows the car to carry maximum speed during cornering.

We then moved the holes for the rear suspension blocks forward by 1mm. This allows racers who use ARC's R12 ATS system with parallel hinge pins to maintain the same wheelbase by using no shims in front of the suspension arms - something that cannot be achieved with the factory chassis without modifying the suspension arms. Meanwhile racers who run the fixed rear toe suspension can maintain their stock wheelbase by using 2mm of shims in front of the suspension arms instead of 1mm.

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