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SMOKEM 19003 MYD 2.0mm Top Deck for ARC R11 MID

Smokem Racing is proud to announce the MYD series of top decks, with the release of the MYD top deck for the ARC R11 MID. The MYD top deck has undergone extensive development since September 2019. Since that time, a number of designs and prototypes were evaluated over a range of conditions by the Smokem racing team.

In the end, Smokem settled on a design that features a narrow 9mm front section which we found to deliver balanced flex characteristics despite the asymmetric design. The result is improved traction, increased in-corner steering and corner speed.

The unique design utilises a separately available bearing for fixing the top deck to the chassis post, to provide a "floating" tweak-free tuning option.

The MYD design ensures the top deck will never make contact with the motor as the chassis flexes, with clearance for large-pinioned spec class gearing. The MYD top deck can also be easily removed, making spur gear and belt changes a breeze.

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