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Dominate Tyre Cleaner

Dominate Tyre Cleaner has been developed by a dedicated local Australian Racer over the past 12+ months. Developed with the aid of several top drivers and certified chemists, we were able to discover an environmentally friendly non-toxic way of softening and conditioning rubber without drying it out, like you've never seen before!

Opening up the pores of the rubber is crucial to the absorption of the tire additive and thus its effectiveness of creating more traction and reducing "drop off" over a run.

Dominate is supplied in a pump spray bottle for easy application on both onroad and offroad rubber tires. Simply spray onto a rag or towel and firmly wipe the tire with the cleaner. Allow to sit for at least 30 seconds until sticky, before applying the tire additive.

Dominate's cleaning capability can be even further increased when tires are cleaned at higher RPM on a tire sander.

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