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Congratulations to Jeffrey Mackie and ARC - 2022 Australian Champions!

Blitz 60231 CLA 190mm Electric Touring Car Body

The CLA is Blitz’s latest 1/10th electric touring car body shell and features a unique airflow channel along the center of the body – starting from the roof to the rear trunk.

This channel helps to increase stability especially when racing through high-speed sections of the track. However in lower-speed corners, it allows the body not to bog down and thereby increasing corner speed.

In addition, the CLA’s rear wing tower moves the location outwards to improve alignment with the body mount, while also reinforcing the rear wing mounts and minimize flex in this critical area, especially on the light version of this body.

The CLA body design complied with IFMAR GBS rules. It has also been homologated by EFRA with approval number EFRA 4087.

CLA body is molded in both standard 0.7mm and light weight 0.5mm polycarbonate. It comes with a window mask, decals, and wing mounting screw set.

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