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Yokomo BD10 + BD9

Yokomo BD10 + BD9

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Vigor TH117 Carbon Fiber Front Body Mount Brace for Yokomo BD10 BD9

$12.50   $9.95

Vigor TH119 Long Brass Centre Bulkhead Plate for Yokomo BD9 (6.5g)

$18.95   $12.95

Vigor TH120 Carbon Fiber and Aluminium Floating Servo Mount for Yokomo BD10 BD9

$32.95   $27.95

Vigor TH148 7075 Aluminium Front Suspension Mount (A) For Yokomo BD-10


Vigor TH161 15g Tungsten LCG Balance Weight for Yokomo BD10


Vigor TH162 15g Tungsten LCG Center Weight (5x6x26mm)


X-Square X2-0032 Carbon Fiber ESC Capacitor Mount for 30x30 Fan


X-Square XP-20026 Stainless Steel 95x33mm 23g Battery Weight


Xpress XP-10712 Bando Kevlar 4mm Wide 351mm Drive Belt for XQ10


Xpress XP-10891 Aluminium 7075 Height Adjustable Servo Horn 23T


Xpress XP-10892 Aluminium 7075 Height Adjustable Servo Horn 25T


Xpress XP-20017 M4 Titanium Serrated Wheel Nuts (4 pcs)

$22.95   $19.95

Yeah Racing XPXQ-013 Titanium Turnbuckle set for Xpress XQ and others


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