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Fyrrework 6500mah back in stock. New arrivals from Mon-tech and Vigor!

X-Square X2-00107 Front Low Profile Shock Mount Upper Bulkhead for Xpress XQ-series

Integrated shock mount upper bulkhead to lower the center of gravity of your Xpress XQ10! This results in a more flat cornering response increasing consistency. Also with super minute shock angle adjustment through adding/removing shims.


  • Xpress XQ10
  • Xpress XQ2S - requires the purchase of XP-10131/XP-10105. 
  • Xpress XQ1S - requires the purchase of XP-10131/XP-10105 and short shocks #XP-10797.


  • Black


  • Front Aluminum Bulkheads (2 pcs)
  • Carbon Fiber Bulkhead Brace (1 pc)
  • Screws (6 pcs)

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