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R12 Option Parts

R12 Option Parts

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ARC Blue T-shirt


ARC R10114A Ball Joint 4.9mm Open 6pcs (LF)


ARC R10114C Anti Roll Bar Joint 4pcs (LF)


ARC R10114D Steering Rod Ball Joint Set (LF)


ARC R102028 Hex Wheel hub offset +0.75mm (2pcs)


ARC R102043 ATS C-Hub (Alu) 2pcs

$53.95   $49.95

ARC R102070 Hex Wheel Hub -0.75mm Alu


ARC R103028 4x11.5x0.25mm Wheel Shims (8pcs)


ARC R103029 4x11.5x0.5mm Wheel Shims (8pcs)


ARC R104003 O-Ring 5x2 Hard (4pcs)


ARC R104009 Bushing for Alu C-Hub (4pcs)


ARC R104017 Shock Piston Big Bore 1.1mm x3 (4pcs)


ARC R104030 O-Ring 3x2 Soft (4pcs)


ARC R105207 3x14mm Flat Hex Screw (10)


ARC R107044 Shock Spring 0.26g Short Blue (2pcs)


ARC R107045 Shock Spring 0.24g Short Pink (2pcs)


ARC R107046 Shock Spring 0.22g Short Silver (2pcs)


ARC R109025 DJ CVD Rear Set 37.5mm


ARC R109036 Hard Steering Block (2pcs)


ARC R109040 Hard C-Hub (R-L)


ARC R109046 Hex Wheel Hub Offset -0.75mm


ARC R109046-SV Hex Wheel Hub Offset -0.75mm (Silver)

$29.95   $19.95

ARC R112038 R11 2019 PDS Cylinder-Ultra Short (2)


ARC R112044 18mm Aluminium Bell Crank-Black 2pcs


ARC R112070 Alu Servo Horn 23T (Sanwa-KO)


ARC R112071 Alu Servo Horn 25T (Futaba-SRT-Savox)


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