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Congratulations to Jeffrey Mackie and ARC - 2022 Australian Champions!

Mon-tech IMOLA 190mm 1/10th Electric Touring Body

Mon-Tech Racing has released a new touring car body platform. After 8 months of R+D and testing on multiple tracks around the world, the IMOLA was conceived.

With flowing lines, low nose and a clean rear quarter, the Imola has very high traction and stability on corner exit without impacting on corner entry and cornering speed.

Designed and developed within the Mon-tech Racing Factory, the IMOLA is available in standard regular weight (85g ready to race) for major international competitions and the light ‘La Leggera’ version.

Imola body is BRCA-EFRA approved and is 100% Italian made. The body includes window masks, the headlight decals and wing mounting hardware.

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