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Smokem 28100 Xpress XQ10 Conversion Kit

Smokem is proud to introduce our XQ10 conversion kit to allow XQ1 owners to convert their chassis to the latest XQ10 spec! The kit features a combination of the best Smokem XQ10 upgrades such as our legendary soft weave chassis, MYD top deck and separate lower bulkheads along with factory Xpress parts.

This package offers fantastic value with a saving of over 25% compared to buying each individual part separately.


  • 1x Smokem 28010 2.2mm Soft-Weave Carbon Fiber Chassis for Xpress XQ10
  • 1x Smokem 28011 2.0mm MYD Carbon Fiber Top Deck for Xpress XQ10
  • 4x Smokem 28000 Split Lower Bulkhead for Xpress XQ10 and XQ1
  • 1x Xpress XP-10343 XQ10 3.0mm Carbon Fiber Floating Servo Holder
  • 1x Xpress XP-10494 Aluminum Lowered High Lock Steering Post
  • 2x Xpress XP-10496 XQ1 Mid Pulley Kevlar Drive Belt 3 x 351mm
  • 1x Xpress XP-10553 Aluminum Mid Motor Mount For XQ10
  • 1x Xpress XP-10555 XQ10 Aluminum Mid Motor Servo Mount
  • 1x Xpress XP-10620 XQ10 Center Pulley Post
  • 1x Xpress XP-10644 XQ10 Composite Center Pulley
  • 1x Xpress XP-10651 Aluminium Steering Plate for XQ10
  • 4x Smokem 83626 3x6x2.5 Flanged Bearings
  • 1x Smokem 85103 5x10x3 Bearing
  • 1x Smokem 85104 5x10x4 Bearing
  • 2x Smokem 83625 3x6x2.5 Bearings
  • 1x M3x8 Button Head Screw
  • 2x 3x5x0.1mm Spacers
  • 2x 3x5x0.2mm Spacers

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