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Congratulations to Jeffrey Mackie and ARC - 2022 Australian Champions!

Silverback Spiral III 4400mAh 120C 7.4V LCG Shorty Pack (5mm Tubes)

The Silverback Spiral-III 4400mAh 120C 7.4V hard case shorty Lipo delivers amazing bang for your buck. Compared to its bigger brother, the Spiral-III sacrifices a little capacity for a lightweight LCG form factor.

Like all Silverback Lipos, there is no marketing bull here - no Graphene, no HV (which have extra internal resistance or extra voltage you cannot use anyway) - just the best quality cells available on the market today. Proven performance - Silverback Lipos have won multiple Australian National Championships.

  • Size: 22.5 x 47.0 x 95.5mm
  • Weight: 192g
  • Plug: Inboard 5mm bullet
  • Ships within Australia only

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