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Fyrrework 6500mah back in stock. New arrivals from Mon-tech and Vigor!

Xpress XQ2S Touring Car Kit + XQ2S Mid Pulley Conversion Kit

We've taken the Xpress XQ2S club racer kit and combined it with their XQ2S Mid Pulley Conversion kit to deliver the best value mid-motored touring car kit on the market!

Two kits in one means the best of both worlds. Get your feet wet with the XQ2S out-of-the-box, then do the upgrade. Or if you prefer, build it as a mid car straight up. The choice is yours. 

Package contains 1x XP-90032 XQ2S Touring Car Kit + 1x XP-10690 XQ2S Mid Pulley Conversion Kit.

Please note this combo is available for a limited time only while current stocks last!

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