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SANWA RX-482 2.4GHz FHSS4 Spread Spectrum System 4Ch Receiver

The Sanwa RX-482 Super Response SSL receiver features a built-in antenna, so no more unsightly antenna sticking out of your model that can get damaged during use.

Just mount the RX-482 Super Response SSL receiver in the upright position in your model and enjoy the same solid reception as you've come to expect from other Airtronics and Sanwa receivers.

Combined with Airtronics or Sanwa Super Response SRG digital servos, the RX-482 Super Response SSL receiver will give you reaction speeds like never experienced before!

When used with an Airtronics M12S, M12, MT-4S or Sanwa EXZES-Z transmitter and a Super Vortex series ESC or other SSL compatible device, the SSL function allows you to change many programming mode options directly from the transmitter using the transmitter's CODE AUX function, on the fly - even while you're driving.

In addition, telemetry data such as speed or RPM, ESC temperature, motor temperature (if supported), and battery voltage can be read directly from the Super Vortex series ESC and displayed on the transmitter.

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