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**Pre-order** ARC R800018 R8.3E 1/8th Electric Competition Car Kit

ARC has released the R8.3E, their latest 1/8th onroad electric competition car kit. It comes standard with a 5mm carbon fibre chassis which not only reduces weight but delivers excellent flex characteristics for superior mechanical grip.

The R8.3E transmission retains a 3-belt drive system through the centre of the chassis. The belts and pulleys are the same specifications as the R8.3.

The integrated 3-piece upper deck connects the front bulkhead to the rear along with a fan mount for cooling the motor. The upper deck design complements the main chassis to provide optimised flex, but at the same time, reduces the likelihood of the belt flipping over the pulley.

A new motor mount with a new internal ratio of 2.4, allows wider gear ratio tuning window on the R8.3E from 4.75 to 5.85. The centralised battery position sees the batteries sit either side of the drive system close to the centerline of the chassis to improve weight distribution and lower the rolling moment.

The R8.3E features new longer rear shocks that are 3mm longer than the previous model. This allows the shocks to be moved closer to the centerline for improved handling characteristics. Further improvements have been made to improve smoothness and sealing to deliver a more consistent rebound.

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