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Congratulations to Jeffrey Mackie and ARC - 2022 Australian Champions!

Exotek 1863 R•TEK GT 190mm Clear Lexan Body

Exotek is excited to bring you our bold new contender for the highly competitive USGT / GT classes!

Designed for domination with an aggressive splitter, muscular fenders, low slung hood, downforce inducing side skirts and a sports car cockpit for the most aggressive aero package with minimal drag.

The body has 2 trim lines marked on the bottom- 1 for low profile shock towers and the 2nd mark for extra low body mounting on cars such as the AX800.

The wing has 2 trim lines- 1 is the 10mm USGT legal trim line and the 2nd is a 20mm trim line similar to sedan wings for extra downforce.

Details such as rearward mounted wing for scale looks actually increases downforce while reducing drag.

Designed with ample tire clearance in the wheel wells to mount the body low without rubbing the tires.

Specially shaped splitter provides steering while being durable thanks to the modified angles.

Raised wing pedestals places the wing higher up into cleaner air.

Made from 0.7mm premium polycarbonate that is much stronger and longer lasting than other similar thickness polycarbonate. Body set includes:

  • Clear unpainted polycarbonate body
  • Clear unpainted polycarbonate wing
  • Wing hardware, steel
  • Window masks
  • Lights, grills and logo sticker
  • Instruction sheet

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