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Fyrrework 6500mah back in stock. New arrivals from Mon-tech and Vigor!

**Pre-order** ARC R800017 R8.3 1/8th Nitro Competition Car Kit

Following an extensive design, development and testing program, ARC is proud to bring you the new R8.3 1/8th competition on-road nitro chassis kit.

The R8.3 features and all-new internal gear ratio give it a FDR of 2.4, which improves acceleration making it great for small to medium size tracks, with the top speed remaining the same as the R8.2.

The front end flex on the all-new chassis is adjustable by chassis cover, when installed the front chassis stiffens, increasing steering response while avoiding over-steering in high traction condition.

The new battery plate also come with flex slot to increase chassis flex and stability. New radio tray and front bulkheads, the latter allowing easier maintenance for front one-way axle and belt.

New radio tray design connects the front upper arm and creates overall chassis flexibility more evenly, making handling less sensitive with track condition changes.

The new shocks design improves traction, with 2 soft o’ring inside the shock membrane helps to maintain shock rebound. The rear shocks have been extended 3mm and with 2 pieces o’ring at bottom makes the shocks performance more consistent.

Other changes include an all-new 2-speed shoe from a new hard composite formula, for more consistent and precise shifting time.

Finally, the new front steering block improves handling, especially in high traction, and uses larger 12 x 21 ball bearing with centre axle, the optional backward offset axle insert providing more on-power steering, a useful tuning part especially on low traction tracks.

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